How the 100 Healthy Days Campaign is Elevating Egyptian Healthcare

How the 100 Healthy Days Campaign is Elevating Egyptian Healthcare

Photo credit: Ministry of Health and Population

In previous decades, healthcare was seen as one of the most neglected sectors in Egypt. However, the last few years saw a revival of the once underserved sector, with campaigns and initiatives targeting citizens’ healthcare and their wellbeing. The recently-launched ‘100 Healthy Days’ campaign is an example of that.

Under the umbrella of the ‘100 Million Healthy Lives’ initiative, Egyptian President Abdelfattah Al-Sisi recently launched the ‘100 Healthy Days’ campaign, to provide free health services to Egypt’s population of 105 million.

Launched on 25 June, the three-month campaign seeks to improve the country’s healthcare system by providing free medical services to Egypt’s residents.

The services include early detection of diseases such as cancer tumors, genetic disorders for newborns, hepatitis C, and kidney failure. Services also include eye, teeth and heart checkups, testing for chronic diseases for men and women, hearing impairment for newborns, testing for obesity and anemia in children, among others.

Targeted at local and foreign residents alike, the campaign offers its services to the public through 5,000 healthcare units nationwide, 500 medical convoys for check-ups, treatments, testing, and screening services at the state’s expense, in addition to 53 mobile clinics spread across the country.

So far, the initiative has provided more than 8.7 million services nationwide since its launch.

Call 15335 to find out which healthcare unit is closest to your location.

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